Our Story


Adelphi is a Nairobi based luxury accessories brand founded in 1988.

Through craft and creativity, we design products that endure. Our products are fashioned by hand from genuine Kenyan leather, hardware and other textile mediums. As the first locally made leather goods brand in Kenya, Adelphi has been a trailblazer for what defines 'Made in Kenya'. Over the past 30 years and to the future, we seek to redefine global luxury through Kenyan sensibilities.


Our creations are made from carefully selected local materials. We celebrate vibrant and authentic design that remains functional and timeless. With the ethos 'fewer is better' we work on creating enduring products that are luxurious and long-lasting.

All our products are crafted with intention and care by our local artisans. Many of our artisans have worked with us since our inception and have called Adelphi home for over 30 years. Through this longevity of experience we have been able to continually iterate and create products made with the highest level of workmanship.


Vibrant and authentic, Nairobi informs our designs. Inspired by our home, made for your world. This is a snapshot of what inspires some of our 'aha!' moments:

The green city in the sun
Cranes and trees battling for the skyscape
Nandi flames dot the horizon
Strolling through a carpet of fallen purple Jacaranda flowers in October
The hue of the deep red soil bleeding onto buildings and into rivers
The hustle and variety of the mboga markets
A kaleidoscope of colour adorns wrists, necks and ears in a crowd
Commanding graffiti painted onto matatus
Shouting out our pride of place


Nairobi built us, Nairobi sustains us. Here is a quick glimpse of how we give back to our local community.

In partnership with Deloitte and the World Bank, Adelphi has conducted workshops to empower women by providing training and mentorship in leather crafting.

We are a female-founded and female -run enterprise. While leather craft has long been considered the domain of craftsmen, half of our leather artisans are women.

The beading details found on our products are created by Maasai women collectives. We partner with these collectives to empower women in rural communities.

Our shopping bags are sourced and designed by a collective of rehabilitated formerly homeless children from the streets of Nairobi.